Infinite Forever Hydrating Cleanser

Infinite Forever Hydrating Cleanser : The Best Care for Your Delicate Skin

Infinite Forever Hydrating Cleanser designed with the delicate skin of the face in mind. Hydrating cleanser is full of potent, naturally deriving ingredients like apple extract and apple amino acids that provide an immediate increase in skin hydration while suspending dirt and oil so they can wash away.

The hydrating cleanser is a mild and milky, fragrance-free cleanser. The product contains naturally derived ingredients like apple extract and apple amino acids. These ingredients increase in skin hydration and make it easy to wash away dirt and oil.

It contains Sunflower oil, rich in linoleic acid and Vitamin E and Sodium co coyly glycinate. Finally it has also a mild surfactant that is both hypoallergenic and non-irritating. Hence leaving skin feeling soft without drying.

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